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Thomas Lemmer Masterclass

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Learn techniques for sound design, composition & mixing that got Thomas Lemmer hundreds of releases on leading Chill Out labels.

We've worked with:

  • Waldorf Music
  • RND
  • Dangerous Music
  • Focusrite
  • Softube
  • Slate
  • Ableton
  • Bitwig
  • LTL
  • Avalon
  • SSL
  • AudioScape
  • SPL
  • WES Audio
  • Novation
  • OXI Music
  • Strymon
  • Steinberg
  • Apple
  • AVID

Thomas Lemmer Masterclass

Deconstruct a Song in 3 Hours

Imagine sitting in the studio right next to Thomas Lemmer while he composes, sequences and mixes "The world belongs to us". Pick up every nuance of his workflow for music production at your own pace.

With numerous releases on labels such as Café del Mar, Buddha Bar, SINE Music, Le café abstrait and others this is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best producers in chill-out.

Thomas also takes you on a tour of his studio, sharing his choices in studio equipment, analog synthesizers, drum machines, controllers and more.

Song Used in the Masterclass

Components of the Masterclass


  • Compositional aspects of electronic music production.
  • Crafting compelling arrangements and melodies.
  • Demonstrating the process of writing and arranging a song.
  • Identifying factors that contribute to composition interest.
  • Techniques for sustaining listener engagement.

Sound Design

    • Creative strategies for utilizing sample-based material.
    • Developing and maintaining a distinct, consistent sound.
    • Sound design techniques that make your music stand out.


  • Master the art of crafting captivating arrangements that hold the listener's attention.
  • Acquire techniques to maintain listener engagement throughout a song, utilizing proven arrangement strategies.
  • Structuring a song from a simple chord progression to a full song.


    • Gain proficiency in efficiently utilizing your plug-ins.
    • Resolve common kick and bass issues frequently encountered in electronic music production.
    • Embrace the principle of "less is more" by honing in on the essential elements your mix requires.
    • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of mixing from scratch versus integrating mixing into the production process.


  • Artistic guidance and efficient techniques for speedy song production.
  • Insight on the significance of authenticity and staying true to oneself.
  • Exploration of navigating the complexities of the music industry to find your unique path.

Thomas Lemmer Appears On

  • Autumn time
  • Le cafe abstrait 8
  • Buddha Bar
  • Calm Ibiza
  • Puro beach
  • Cafe del Mar 16
  • Cafe abstrait 13
  • Jockey Club
  • Vargo lounge 10
  • Cosmic chill lounge 6
  • Offline
  • Chillbar 2
  • Obsession lounge
  • Playa del lounge 4

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